Saturday, December 7, 2013

Washed Away

All the stains and the pains,

The names and what remains after the names;

All the scratches and the cuts,

The screaming arguments and ifs and buts;

All the dirty and the foul,

The worn out Tee, the used up plate and the bowl;

Even all the beauty and the charm,

The house, the hut, the pit and the farm;

And even the love and the scream,

The yester nightmare, the current flicker and the coming dream;

All gets washed by water, time and a hopeful mind.

(Photo courtesy - Krishanu

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Table and The Chair

I wish not for a lot things, just few.
All I want for now is an Old Table and a Chair New.

A table that has stood the test of time,
So that it could take the weight of my shoulders and my mind.
A table whose surface is softened by time and stays cold in any season,
So  that I could just lay my head down on it, yet be firm as reason.

A chair that is soft and comfortable and  that smells of me,
So that I feel at home on it  and dream into eternity.
A chair that allows me to recline and notice the wider scheme,
But pulls me back just as easily, as I work towards the next dream.

I wish for this to have an ecosystem, that is truly mine.
And the old and new are not a result of economy, but by design.
So that While I make future, without any clue,
I have the present under my back and the history all on the table, in my view.

I wish not for a lot things, just few.
All I want for now is an Old Table and a Chair New.

Friday, December 21, 2012

What is this called ?

The moment when you come across something or someone.
And it feels like a sponge dried from years has finally found a drop of water.
You absorb it. To the last bit.

And it doesn’t stop there.
Now that you’ve tasted this water,
And more so, the satisfaction it provides,
You make sure you don’t loose it.

You know this is it.
This can fill that gaping void.
You are now motivated.
Motivated to acquire more and more of this water.

You build dreams and plan for a future.
A future where you would have enough of it.
Enough to keep you feeling the way you are feeling now.
You are now motivated.

This is a point, where you can make sense of life.
Why you do what you do.
What makes you wake up in morning, dust yourself and get back.
Back to doing something that leads you towards your water.

What is this called ?