Monday, October 6, 2008

Short Story

On a sultry Bangalore afternoon, A boarded a shared cab to reach office.

Minutes later, B joined in. A helped B close the door.B said "thanks".

A smiled.

B sat facing A at the back of the Tata Sumo Cab.

B dug into his pocket and started taking the blue wrapper of a 5 Rupees Dairy Milk.

The shiny substance caught A's eye. A thought to himself : "I was nice to him, hopefully he'll share the chocolate".

He didn't.

A saw him throw the blue wrapper through the window.A's eyes followed the wrapper on the road , as the cab raced ahead of the lone-blue-wrapper lying on the road.

The gold wrapper was still left on the chocolate. B passed the final obstacle before he could enjoy the small bar of happiness.

B was about to throw it out same way. Right then , something struck in A's mind and he lurched forward and said, "Can you give the wrapper to me? I ll throw it in a dustbin when i find one."

Both A and B stood frozen for a moment, finding it hard to believe what just happened.

A though a smile would help, so he smiled.

B kept the wrapper in his pocket, and went ahead with his chocolate.

A spent the rest of the ride thinking about writing this blog and how this small incident has made him more motivated towards keeping his city clean.

How about you ?


Shweta Iyer said...

Hmmm..quite an interesting read ur posts are.
The one thing i like abt them are that they aint the usual humdrum ideas that people usually come up with and then write abt.
So not in!

But urs are fun to read.
Keep writin.

kuldeep said...

touching story, must say....and inspiring too...but makes me want to have a dairy milk..keep up the good work

ToNi said...


Apoorva Dixit said...

good one dude..
its a wake up call..
an alarm.. but as you know, most of us press the snooze button!!

(check out my next article.. on Saturday.. THE SNOOZE EFFECT!!;-))