Tuesday, May 11, 2010



So i ask him,

why do u do this all

he scratched his head..

as if thinking.. but he knows

he knows exactly.

what he goes through..

He is lazy

but still he wakes up early somedays

he goes against his wishes

he lets it go


whats another hour gonna hurt neone ha ?

so he go through that extra hour.

all throught that hour

he wishes,

wishes it did hurt someone

and he could go

even the last few mins of that hour

he could go and do his thing

his thing

what he wants to do

but he stays the whole hour

hell, he stays a couple of mins more.


Ok so he's supposed to feel good

so he smiles

may be fake smile

but he is smiling

But theres a thing about fake smiles

after a time,

they just stop lasting.


But then theres mathematics

100 fake smiles is greater

than 1 real tear right..

so lets go on.

lets start from the top

all over again


but wait why did this all start?

aah the question

why does he do this all

its simple, same as everybody

The pursuit of happiness.

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