Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Conversations with me - 1

I often talk to myself.. well I should put it this way to avoid people thinking I m crazy.

Hence rephrasing.. I often Think

I thought of this distant memory today while waiting for a bus that never came..

My classmate Asheem and me were supposed to go to this college and promote our college Rock Show..

Cutting it short.. Sell Tickets.

So we went to this college SIMC.. Like any other Symbi Campus, there were some 2-3 more colleges there.

It was afternoon time, where do we find lot of people ? Cafeteria !!

So we went to the cafeteria and there are like 100 students out there having lunch..

Nervous.. How do we get their attention ? Make that perfect Sales Pitch..

I m thinking about what to do and I keep mentally agreeing to this line I read somewhere..

“Sales, thou art a merciless bitch”

So finally I have an idea.. I tell it to Asheem, with no other idea, we go ahead with it.

So we walk in confidently in the Cafeteria.

Find a spot. Climb on the table. People can see us now.

And we start singing.. Na na na naa naa .. na na na naa naa.. (Tune from Rock on ! )

We make our announcement then.

Result : Not a single person contacted us.


Satyam Gambhir said...

Nice one bro!! never knew this happened... :)

Keep posting!

Hari G said...

Ha ha.. nice experience.. Would always like to hear marketing guys stories.. Turns and twists.. Fun involved!!

Abhishek said...

Good one :)...when was this...never revealed

Abhijit said...

@Satyam thanks buddy

@Hari Theres more to life than marketing and finance

@Abhishek Ignisense time yaar