Monday, November 14, 2011


This thought came to when I read something from Avinash Maurya that "when we were children, colors were just colors.. sigh!"
Is it truely ?
Is color just a color for us ?
When I see around, A color is an accessory.
I've never seen Red Color ever , per se.
Yes, I've seen a Red Bike, a Red KFC Poster, Red colored blood, but never Red in itself.
And the reason why I say color is an accessory because, the meaning of Red changes for me depending on what its on : a bike, a poster or blood.
And you know what, even a kids when we were taught this concept of colors in the first place it was never as colors as themselves.
I can almost hear me and KG class chanting after my teacher.
"Sky is Blueee, Tree is Green..."
(Ahh lovely memory!! )
This post is not to negate a dear friend, but to share a thought. (Which I think I am the first one in the world to have, at least I would like the kid in me to believe that)
Hey that last line kinda made sense because today is Nov 14.
Happy Children's Day.

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