Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The little Girl

I know a girl,
And shez not the only one like her, in this world.
Shez just like a smiling summer
And in the night, she does shimmer.

Shez been growing up fast,
Looking much prettier this year than the last
She, has a sweet voice,
And she doesn’t mind the wows from boys.

Shez been busy,
Getting all the attention from the guys around.
You might think that she doesn’t,
But ohh yes, she kinda understands the world.

She get those offers but she waits,
Not to tease, just to select.
But once she finds her man,
she holds on to him, doing all she can.

Although it looks,
shez got it all figured out
she does not,
but shez all ready to fight it out

There might be some hushed voices
and even some raised eyebrows,
But only after getting them all her side
Does she takes her wovs.

She is a woman now,
a stronger one too,
But shez still the same little girl
So hubbys be good to your wives too.

I dunno, how true is this one above but its my reflection of a girl.
Something i've gathered from all the sweet girls i've bee lucky to know.
Thanks Pallu,ojha,anni,iyer,juhi,nivi,jiggy,niru &bee.
Obvious inspiration : one of my fav songs, Daughters by John Mayer.


Siddarth Bansal said...

Good 1 Bro!!

SusritaS said...

You deciphered a girl in the most accurate manner :)

Abhijit said...

@sid - thanks
@susrita - I wont go that far as deciphering, just appreciating :)

Jigs said...

Wooow .. I just loved it .. :) great one Abhi

Anand said...

wah!! wah!!