Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Beginning of a Journey..

28th April, 2012 marks the first anniversary of an important journey of my life.

Its exactly an year ago, me and my friends boarded the Dehradun Jan Shatabdi Express from Delhi to Dehradun, thereby beginning one of the most memorable trips of my life : The Uttarakhand Trip.

Our tickets were till Dehradun from where we had decided to go North. 

But, we ended up getting down at Varanasi, 200kms before Dehradun, just because our hearts felt like taking a dip in the Ganga.

The trip ended a week later per se, but in some way its still going on.

We had just gotten over with the tideous necessity of getting our MBA degree and gotten ourselves some good paying jobs.

But one week of travelling gave me more insights about life and happiness than what years of education can just hope for. These learnings are mine and I have a lot more to learn.

What I would like to celebrate today is the joy of travelling and what it helps you discover.

On and after your trip.


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Nimu said...

Hello Bud, I am very happy about you that you are getting mature with the life so as your writings. Well done!!!