Friday, June 15, 2012

Why the Hell are you running ?

(This post talks is mostly related to the game Temple Run. If you don’t know what Temple Run is you can check out Link )

After several hours of playing Temple Run, I realized and asked myself something I should have asked the first time I started playing it. 

“Why the hell am I Running?"

And then came the scary realization : Isn’t this the exact same question we might ask ourselves 50 Years from now. The only difference is , this time we are talking about our life.

“Why the hell have we been running all our life?”

If you are a someone who has wasted several hours of your life, playing this ( what I realize now is a very very sick) game.

      Think about It. 

1. You are running on a set path, which you cannot change. You have to try and squeeze yourself in the system and find a way to survive and hopefully succeed. (Just Like life)

2.      Your goal is collect gold coins, so that you can buy powers and stuff and fancy accolades. Stuff that may be you don't even need in the first place.And all this, only so that you collect more coins and get higher scores. And keep running. (Just like Life)

3.      You bust your ass off to complete some silly, unrealistic Objectives that are like checkpoints of your journey, which are not even set by you. (Just like Life)

4.      The only moments of victories you enjoy are some runs where somehow everything works in your way (You get the right powers at right times and you are lucky enough to pass all obstacles). The rest of your playing time you are just running around hoping to get lucky and eventually happy (Again, Just like Life)

5.      Another source of happiness comes when you share your silly accomplishments and even compare your scores with people around you. You get happy if you are leading among the small batch of people around you. ( which are actually immaterial and futile. Someone, Somewhere is always going to have a better score than you like someone having a better car/wife/house). And, so the bottom line is you keep Running to either defend your high score or catch up with a score of a friend. (Just like Life) 

If you are still reading. Please do for a couple of more lines. Cause it gets better.

Unlike Temple Run, you have control over your life. At least, most of it.

And If you are smart enough to understand that, you can make changes to make sure you live on your terms. And not be a part of rat race that someone else has created and you don’t even know why the hell you are running.

So if your version of Temple Run is to go ahead and jump into the water and enjoy the splash.

Go ahead. Do It.

Its your life.


Temple Run is a Game said...

this is such horseshit

Abhijit Badgujar said...

Hi, I like the judgement.
Would love to hear your views too.