Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Discovering the Murphy Radio Baby

Listening carefully to well written songs can bring you pleasant surprises.

I say this after discovering the Murphy Radio Baby recently while listening to the Ala Barfi song from movie Barfi.

The song is beautifully written by Swanand Kirkire.

The folliwing lines triggered this unimportant finding :

"Barfi jab amma ji ki kokh mein tha soya,
Amman ne murfi ka radio mangaya"

A quick Googling of "Murphy Radio" introduced me to the Murphy Radio Baby :

As it turns out the Murphy Baby is one of the first icons in Indian Advertising, way before the Zoozoos or the Hutch Pug or the Amul Girl or even the Asian Paints Gattu..

It was one of the strongest brand icons of the 1950's and now a fun trivia for advertising affectionados like yours truly.

Right now, I find it hard to see the Brand Association of a Radio with a very cute and healthy baby.

But as it is apparent even from the song, it had some special co-relation. That is another discovery to come.

But for now, kudos to Mr. Swanand Kirkire for writing sensible and enriching lyrics.

Another interesting reference in the song to Radio Ceylon , the oldest broadcasting radio station in Asia :

"Munna jab haule-halue duniya mein aaya Baba ne Ceylon wala station lagaaya"